Itemized Services & Pricing

Social Media Post management
$5/post (30 Minimum)

We will select and edit your monthly A.I. post content to match your business type, brand, and style. 

Custom Image/Video Post CreationLess
$60 + $10 Edits & Revisions

Custom Video & post creation - Perfect for new product releases, open house notifications, holidays, and much more.

Landing page creation

Starting at $20/Page ($200 for 10 pages)

Need a landing page for lead generation? We can create high converting landing pages and complete websites, including blogs, shopping carts, and much more.

Many more custom services are available. please contact us if you don't see what you are looking for.

content writing Per 500 WordsLess
Perfect for email copy, webpages, ghostwriting, and blogs

Acceptable (A.I. Written With Human Editing) - $25 Each

Excellent (A.I. Researched & Human Written) - $50 Each

Expert (Professionally written and researched) - $100 Each

Semi-Custom Social Media postsLess

Save thousands each year using semi-custom designs. Choose from thousands of templates, then customize for each post. Edit anything, including logos, phone numbers, headlines, and images. Customize everything to fit your business, brand, and style. Perfect for monthly sales, holidays, new listings, and lead generation campaigns.

Ad Campaign Creation

Starting at $99

Need help starting an ad campaign? Let our team get you started with a custom created ad, including keyword and audience research. Once running, you can manage everything from your dashboard.

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Development Services

Development services would be used when planning out a website, landing page, funnel system, or follow up sequence. These services are useful when you need an experienced professional to help in the planning process for a specific campaign.



Design services are used when you need help with designing and creating specific pages, graphics, logos, or videos. A designer may only see/understand one part of your project, while a developer will help map out the entire process.


Sales & Marketing Services

Unlike designers and developers, sale and marketing experts will continually improve a process to assure the best possible results. Everything from site design, colors, and sales copy can be split tested to improve sales and ROI.


Daily Human

Although our A.I. system is designed to simplify daily tasks, sometimes it's nice to have an extra hand. Our team can help with everything from daily custom social media posting, commenting, follow up, content creation, and SEO work. 


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