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Owned by LOs and Realtors

Traffic Motion LLC is owned by Loan Officers and Realtors. We started this company to provide marketing solutions for us. If you are in the mortgage, real estate, insurance, legal, or financial industry, you won't find a better fit anywhere else! 

Return on investment

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Our focus has always been about providing a positive ROI. We work with you from day one to make sure our marketing plans align with your budget and goals. Profitable marketing campaigns will assure both of our future success.


We are Your Peers and FriendsLess

It's a surprisingly small world when it comes to the top 10% producers in our industry. We have worked hard to build your trust and will never compromise this trust or influence decisions that will hurt your business. 

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Laws of Increasing Returns

Increasing returns happen in business when volume is scaled. This has never been more true then when you form a group of like minded advertisers. Ideas become better, get tested faster, and expenses are reduced across the board.

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Even if Traffic Motion isn't right for you, this demo will provide a lot of good information to help with your brand building and marketing efforts. It will be well worth your time!


Who Are We?

Traffic Motion was started in 2007 as an internal marketing solution for our own real estate brokerage and mortgage company. Even back then we had a difficult time sorting through all the scams and fly-by-night companies, so we had to learn how to do it all ourselves. Today it's even worse, which is why we are making our services available to other professionals just like us. 

Michael Walsh

My professional career has revolved around mortgage, real estate, and marketing. I started my mortgage career in 1997 and have ran multiple offices and managed several teams since then, but my passion is technology, marketing, and lead generation. I am here to help you build your brand and become the best in your market!

Travis Liverman

I have been a Realtor since 2009 and specialize in coaching and sales training. For loan officers, I can help you implement programs to get more Realtor partners and help keep you hyper focused and organized when it comes to completing real estate transactions with your partners.

Lead Generation & Conversions
Simple lead generation, websites, landing pages, and funnels.
Automated Marketing & Follow up
Automated lead Nurturing and follow up, using email, SMS, and social.Less
Referrals, Recruiting, & Reputation
Every aspect of your business is handled, even recruiting & reputation.Less


ready to GO

We know you are busy, so we made our system done-for-you. Let us handle everything, while you focus on closing loans. We will have you fully operational and generating leads in less than 14 days, even if you are starting with nothing.

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